Aches, Pains, Strength, and Stretching

As I get back into the swing of things with my training, I’m realizing just how easy I’ve been taking it for the past six weeks or so.

Oh my gosh.  My calves are sore.  Not “I’m injured” sore, just “I’ve been running” sore.  It’s just that I’m not really used to it anymore.  So I may or may not be wearing some compression sleeves underneath my jeans today.


I took this awesome photo so you can decide if I am or not.

Okay, yeah, I am.  I also wore long pants for the sole reason of being able to wear compression sleeves everywhere I go today without looking like a fool.  You can’t wear them for too long, can you?

I’m notoriously bad at the stretching and strengthening part of endurance sports.  It was painfully obvious at Barbell Strength last night, as some muscle groups (those used primarily in running, swimming, and biking) were pretty strong, and the others, well, notsomuch.  The little grandma in class with us dominated me on tricep exercises.  Seriously.

I’m trying to be better, but there are only so many hours in a day, and the thought of filling them with stretches makes me kind of cranky.

A compulsive list-maker, I decided to write down some ways I can sneak these things into my routine and make them fun.

  • Keep going to Barbell Strength on Tuesday nights and drag BFF with me.  Workout date!
  • Do a little warm up jog to loosen my muscles, and then turn on episodes of Friends or Dawson’s Creek while I stretch.
  • Go to yoga with Coach Amy once a week.
And that’s as far as I got.  I wasn’t lying — I really don’t like stretching.  This is the part where you come in.
Tell me, please.  How do you fit stretching and strengthening exercises into your routine?  How do you make them fun?


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5 responses to “Aches, Pains, Strength, and Stretching

  1. Do those sock things work? Maybe they could help my aching shins and calves….

  2. After suffering for years with tight hamstrings and an aching back, I didn’t know what to do. An elbow injury (of all things) sent me to physio and I was forced to learn to stretch. I’ve now developed a 10 minute sun salutation that stretches my body without causing that ice-cream like headache at the thought of stretching can cause. I also set the goal of being able to touch my forehead to my knee by my 40th birthday and I made it. Would setting a goal like that be a motivator for you ? And yes, I made it :)

  3. You have no idea how happy I am to see you wearing your sleeves under jeans. As you know, I am addicted to mine. :) I have definitely worn my recovery socks to school with a normal outfit…you gotta do what you gotta do!!!

    ANYWAYS, I stretch/foam roll in front of the TV most of the time too. It keeps me from rushing through it!

  4. I am SO bad about taking enough time to stretch but I feel a huge difference the next day when I do!! Since I constantly feel like I’m on the clock, I do some of my stretching in the shower after my run…kill two birds with one stone!

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