Strength & Awards

I finally did it.

Barbell Strength class!  This is the third week I’ve had it on my list of fitness goals, but I finally made it there last night.  (I enlisted BFF to come with me.  That way I couldn’t back out.)

I am not embarrassed to admit that I used really light weights and I was still sore by the end of class.  It’s the amount of reps that will kill you.  Ouch.  I’m so glad I finally went!  It’s a tough class, but I’m sure I’ll go again.  Bonus points for the fancy techno mixes of Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears.

Okay, this is not the actual piece of equipment I used. But the weight is accurate.

I really enjoyed the group setting for lifting weights.  When I lift alone, (okay, the half dozen or so times I’ve attempted to lift alone) I get worried that I look funny, my form is wrong, or people are laughing at me.  In the class, it was easy to compare my form to the instructor and other participants.  I could ask questions if I needed.  And best of all, someone else was in charge of making sure the workout was appropriate and we worked all our muscle groups!  I love following someone else’s lead when it comes to workouts.


In other news… Forward is a Pace is up for an award from CBS Local!  I was nominated as one of the Most Valuable Bloggers in Chicago in the Health/Fitness/Medical category.  And now it’s all up to the votes.

If you feel so inclined, click the photo above to vote.  You’ll also see it in the sidebar of the blog until voting closes on September 9.  You can vote for one blog in each category every day.  (While you’re at it, head on over to the Sports category and vote for Pace of Chicago, my friend David’s incredible endurance sports blog.)  Thank you in advance!

Do you like to take classes at the gym, or do you prefer to workout alone?



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2 responses to “Strength & Awards

  1. Wow, congrats! That’s awesome!

  2. Woohoooo! I just voted.
    I am a totally backwards exerciser. I had a gym membership for 2 years. I would go and technically “work out” but didn’t see results. I realized that I was so self-conscious sweating it up in front of buff gym-goers, that I actually pushed myself harder just working out at home!

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