Jogging with

Week one of Half Marathon training is in the books!

Check out my snazzy new headband I won on Susan's blog! (

Our long run today was 3 miles.  Because I’m still building back up, 3 miles actually did feel long-ish.  Goose and I headed out at the same time, but the plan was that I’d stick with him as long as possible and then just run my own pace.

Yeah.  Goose is speedier than I thought.  I kept up with him for all of a half mile.

When I made it back to the house, he was waiting there with something special for me!  (Please note that he wasn’t that much faster than me.  He bought it last night.)

A little iPod shuffle!  Last night I was talking about using a running playlist for the first time in a long time.  I found, and I think it’s about the best website that has ever existed.  It sorts songs by beats per minute, which it aligns with a running pace.  For an 11:15 pace, it suggests 137 beats per minute.  Although those are pretty difficult to find, there are some really fun songs at the 11:12 pace!

I am so excited to pick a workout playlist and get running.  I’m hoping it will make me  better at pacing and distract me from the speedy clip I’m hoping my legs will maintain.  (Hush, all you speedy friends, you.  11:12 is a speedy clip for me for 13.1 miles!)

So, tell me. Do you run with music? What do you use to listen to it? What are your favorite workout songs?



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2 responses to “Jogging with

  1. Love the new ipod!!! Best color EVER!!! Enjoy!

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