Ulcerative Colitis Q&A

I used to be really shy about answering questions about my Ulcerative Colitis.  I was short, vague, and tried to avoid answering as much as possible. It just made me incredibly uncomfortable to talk about a digestive illness.  Let’s face it.  The symptoms are far from cute and not something you’d typically discuss with people you don’t know well.

Lately, I’ve become much more comfortable — in part due to having six years to adjust to life with UC, and in part because I’ve gotten involved with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.  Getting to know others who live with Crohn’s & Colitis has made it so much easier!  Ulcerative Colitis is part of who I am.  So in honor of the new challenge Goose and I are taking on for CCFA, I thought it might be fun to do a Q&A post about UC.

Ally and I are pros at crushing UC & Crohn's.

Of course, I can only answer from my personal experience and knowledge base.  Colitis & Crohn’s effect everyone differently.  But since it’s not something everyone who reads this blog can relate to, it might give you a starting point!

Ask me anything!  Treatment.  Goose’s response.  How it effects my day-to-day life.  Related illness.  Farting.  Whatever you’re wondering, don’t hesitate to ask.  Comment below or send me an e-mail at forwardisapace@gmail.com.

What questions do you have about Ulcerative Colitis?  Is there anything that took you a long time to get comfortable talking about?  Do you choose to keep certain big parts of your life hidden?



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5 responses to “Ulcerative Colitis Q&A

  1. What foods can you not eat?

  2. Well, clearly I do not keep my health private! I used to though, so I can totally relate. It’s not the easiest thing to talk about, and hoenstly I only had the courage to do so when I was post – op, I guess because a) it was over and b) I had no choice but to acknowledge it.

    If people ask any questions you can’t answer (like abt surgery) send them my way! I’d love to help.

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