Group Fitness: Yay or Nay?

Lately, I’ve really been getting into a group fitness groove at the gym.  Taking classes is a nice change of pace from my usual constantly-training-for-a-race routine.  (And some of the classes absolutely kill me.  The Thursday night special was Death by Spin Class.  Seriously.)

There are times when a solo workout fits the bill and times when the a class really hits the spot.  When I’m in my peak weeks training for a race, I pound the pavement alone so I can follow my plan and get ready to accomplish my goals.  If I have a huge (or small) dilemma that I want to think about, I set time and training goals aside and just run and think.

This is NOT one of those times.

Right now, when I’m just getting back into my workout groove, it’s the perfect time to try out classes.  I’m not being a super stickler about my schedule, so I am free to experiment.  If I don’t like a class, I just won’t go again.  It’s that simple.

One of the things I love most about attending classes is getting in a good workout without having to think about it.  I just  pick something that sounds close to what I want to do, show up, and do what the instructor says.  Most of the time, I end up leaving completely wiped out.  I think I push myself harder when an instructor is cheerily yelling, “Come on!” and there are lots of other people around.  It inspires me to put it all out there and do my best in a way that I am sometimes not able to do alone.

Best of all, I’ve been meeting my BFF for classes!  It is so much easier to drag myself to class after a long workday when I know I will get to see her smiling face.

Tell me you would not haul your booty to a workout to see this beautiful face. (Please note that this is not exactly what we look like when we workout. But it's close.)

So what about you?  Do you work it out solo or at classes?  With buddies or on your own?  What is your favorite class?


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  1. Spin is the only class I love the group atmosphere with. Everything else I usually prefer solo. I’m not sure why that is? I like having alone time since I get so little of it I guess. Interesting how each person has a preference.

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