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This is what happens when you pack your workout bag in the dark.

Gosh, look at that face. Tyra would be so proud. I should be a model.

Oh yes that is a light pink Active Band; a red, white, and blue race t-shirt; and black and hot pink bike shorts.  Good thing my cycling shoes are maroon and gray.  I looked super fly in spin class last night.  Good thing I’ve known BFF for 14 years and she’s seen me look worse.  Otherwise she might have pretended not to know me instead of saving me a bike.  But she did save me a bike (kind of, there were like 7 total people in the class) and sit next to me.

I mean, I realize all I was going to do was workout and I didn’t need to look all fancy, but usually I try to at least match my headband to my shirt.

Despite looking like a fool, I managed to get in a 45 minute run and an hour-long spin class.  I abso-freaking-lutely loved the spin instructor.  She was perky and fun without being annoying.  I got a lot sweaty.  I felt happy.  And best of all, no one made fun of my clothes.

What about you?  Do you wear matchy-matchy workout clothes?  Or are you a total mess like me?

(I’ll have the Ulcerative Colitis Q&A post up in the next few days.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you think of questions!)



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Popcorn & Fireworks

Whew!  The holiday weekend was a whirlwind of training, napping, cleaning, friends, and fun.

Going into the weekend, I had just a few important things on the agenda: long run, long bike, and a barbeque with friends.  This whole training-for-a-half-ironman thing has sort of overtaken my weekends this summer.  I anticipated this, and I don’t mind, but it was wonderful to have a whole day off that had one workout and a whole lot of silly fun.

On Sunday, I had a long bike ride planned, the lone thing on my agenda for the day.  I did two out and back loops, and my dad met me for the second loop.  The ride started off pretty good, but on my first “back,” I started to lose the mental battle.  It was already really hot out at 8:00 am, I was riding a slight incline the whole way back, and there was a headwind.  I felt like I was in a cartoon with an angel on one shoulder telling me how well it was going, and that I only had three long rides before Steelhead and I needed to make this one count… and the devil on the other telling me to quit as soon as I got back to the car.

Luckily, the angel won out and I finished the ride with my dad.  56.23 miles in the books.

After a nice long nap, Goose and I were contemplating what to do with our Sunday night.  (I didn’t plan anything because my ulcerative colitis had my stomach in a tizzy all week, and I wasn’t sure how well my long workouts would sit.  I’m happy to say they went just fine!)  We decided to head out to the lake and watch the fireworks.

(That empty chair is mine!)

When my brother and I were little, my parents told us that popcorn came from fireworks.  We would sit, hands out, staring at the sky, and popcorn would drop into our hands.  Amazing!  It wasn’t until I was 14 years old that I finally realized they had been sitting behind us throwing it into our hands.  I just assumed that some fireworks had popcorn and some didn’t.  It somehow made sense to me that as they got hot, the popcorn would pop.  I have no idea how I thought it got all the way to where we were sitting.

Still, no trip to the fireworks is complete without popcorn.

We watched the sun set over the lake and enjoyed a wonderful fireworks display while munching on popcorn.  A perfect night.

On the fourth, some great friends came over for a low-key barbeque.  It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

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I Want to Ride My Bicycle; I Want to Ride My Bike

Cycling indoors is seriously boring, but it has its perks.  Like watching an episode of Glee or a movie you’ve never seen before… or both if the ride is really long.  For short rides, Justin Bieber, ‘N Sync, and Hanson blaring from speakers make a 50 minute ride seem like 5.

Outside, my brain plays one of two songs while I am cycling.  Two.  And given that I live in Illinois, I usually get to hear just one of them.

When the course is flat, I hear: Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my… bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!  I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride it where I like…

Hills?  Then I get this little ditty: What goes up must come down.  Spinning wheel… got to go roun’.  Talkin’ ’bout your troubles, it’s a cryin’ sin. Ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin…

Thank you, Queen and Blood, Sweat, & Tears.

This weekend was my first outdoor ride of the season and my first outdoor ride on Buttercup!  (You can tell what a hardcore triathlete I am, naming my bike “Buttercup” and all.) 

I took pictures of Buttercup ready for her inagural ride, but well, you saw what my room looks like.  I can’t find the cord to connect my camera to the computer.  So for now, stock photo from Trek. 

Dad and I hit the trails and all was well.  You know, except for that nasty headwind (20-30mph) that Dad decided I should ride into because “it’s good for your training,” and the fact that Queen was singing in my ear for 2.5 hours straight.

But the best part?  I rode 2.5 hours, outside, non-stop.  Which is good.  Because 56 miles is going to take a darn long time.


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