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(Not) Back to School

Have you ever made a decision that was so big, so all-consuming at the time you made it, that you assumed it would haunt you for a while?  That you’d second guess and dwell?  I have.

When I left teaching, I was certain that  the first few back to school seasons would be a little rough.

I love back to school time.  I especially love shopping for school supplies.  And oh, Dixon-Ticonderoga Number 2 pencils.  (Seriously, no other pencil compares.  They smell like learning.

Ahhhh. Pencil perfection. (click for source)

Have I scared all of you away yet?

Ahem.  Anyway, with all that school supply love, I adored setting up my classroom.  I loved thinking about how to best arrange the desks, looking for new ways to get organized, and thinking about the coming school year and all the wonderful little people I’d get to meet.  Going to sleep the night before the first day of school was like going to sleep on Christmas Eve.  I was so giddy I could hardly contain myself.

The Book Beach. My lawn chair-tastic reading corner one year.

I loved spending the first days of school with my students.  Organizing materials, getting to know one another, and starting the year with some of my favorite activities.  In fact, I loved all the time I spent with my students.  If I could have just had the 8:30 – 3:30 part of teaching, there’s a good chance I’d still be doing it.

And yet… I don’t feel mournful this time of year.  I feel like I should, sometimes.  I still notice and celebrate the arrival of a new school year, but now it’s because it means Goose goes back to work and I don’t have to look at his peacefully sleeping face while I’m tearing myself out of bed at 5:00 am.

And it means fall is coming soon.  Fall is my favorite.

This is my dad. He picked that apple in the fall. Apple picking is rad. So is fall.

But the angst?  Sadness?  Longing?  They are not here.  Just constant reassurance that I made the right choice.  (Have I mentioned how much I love my job and all the things I’m doing now?)

Tell me about a big decision you made.  Was it more difficult than you thought it’d be?  Easier?



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5 Jobs That Taught Me a Lot

I’m a firm believer in the fact that everyone needs to work in some form of customer service job at some point in their lives.  My retail jobs taught me patience.  Period.

I’ve had all kinds of jobs.  There was even a summer during which I worked three jobs while taking a class.  (Call me crazy, but it was actually kind of fun.)  While I have learned a lot about myself in every job, I feel like these five shaped who I am today more than most.  So here they are, in no particular order.

Receptionist at a Church

This was my very first job, at the parish I grew up attending.  Though the pay was nothing to brag about, it was the perfect job for a high school student — we signed up for our own shifts, and as long as they were all covered, my boss didn’t care when we worked.  Being my first job, it taught me… how to have a job.  How to show up on time, politely respond to people who were being rude, figure out answers to things I should have been told but wasn’t, and convince my boyfriend to bring me dinner when I forgot one.  (What?)

click for source


I was the worst waitress that has ever existed.  If you ever came into Lonestar in 2005 and had me as your waitress, I’m so very sorry.  I tried hard.  I really did.  But I would get so absorbed in making sure one table had everything they needed that I’d completely forget about the other two until they flagged me down or something appeared for them.  I think this job was only profitable because my parents would come and leave me good tips.  This job taught me to be patient with wait staff at restaurants and be a really good tipper.  (That said, I can also be exceptionally crabby if I can tell we’re the only table a waiter/waitress has and they are never around.  But mostly I’m really patient.)

Cashier at Menards

This was one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had.  I can’t say I’d love it so much if I did it now — perhaps it was the timing — but I absolutely loved it.  I worked at Menards just after graduating college and during my first semester as a first grade teacher.  Above all else, this job taught me the power of positive mental attitude.  I set out to enjoy this job, and I did.  I found things to love: working in the Garden Center, where there was little supervision and I could talk to my new friend (who is now a very close friend); chatting with customers; working the customer service desk.  I never minded a shift at this place.  In fact, the only reason I quit was because working seven days a week means you have no life.

Sales Associate at a Children’s Clothing Store

People are total slobs when they shop.  The amount of clothing we found on the floor or stuffed in random places at the end of the day never ceased to amaze me.  Now, I try to at least hand things I don’t want to a cashier when I’m leaving.  I’m also more patient (or at least I try to be) when something goes wrong or lines at the checkout are long.  And those credit cards they always try to get you to sign up for?  They don’t like asking about any more than you like hearing about it.  Just politely decline.

And of course… Teacher

Leaving teaching is one of the most difficult decisions I ever made.  But that job taught me the most of all.  I learned more patience and understanding than I thought I had.  I learned that sometimes you have to let go of the thing you thought you always wanted, and that things aren’t always what they seem.  I learned that for me to be happy, I need time to run, swim, bike, and explore other interests.  Summers off didn’t outweigh the massive lack of free time I had during the school year.  I didn’t go into teaching thinking it would be easy, but I had no idea just how time-consuming it would be.  (For me.  I was also a crazy perfectionist about it at times, and that could have been part of the problem.  There were other factors, too, that I won’t discuss here.)  I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about work-life balance and for all of the wonderful students I got to teach.  Teaching also led me to other things I still enjoy.

I still have massive love for teachers and education, which is why I love this Matt Damon video so much.

What jobs have you had?  What have they taught you?


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