Don’t tell anyone, but…

I think I have a race pace goal.  Today’s scheduled training was 6 miles at marathon pace.  Which sounds good, right?  Except I had no idea what I wanted that pace to be.  I’m not very consistent when it comes to pacing, and run/walking doesn’t help.  So I basically just set out to kick my own ass tonight and then I accomplished it. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I looked like death warmed over while I was running.  (Because if I didn’t admit it, I’m sure Jon would rat me out.)  But somehow, I managed to crank out 6 miles, 2 at a time, with water breaks in between… at a pretty respectable pace for me.

Miles 1 & 2: 23 total minutes
Miles 3 & 4: 26 total minutes
Miles 5 & 6: 25 total minutes

And the last mile?  10:59.  Yes, I know that means mile 5 was 14 minutes… but it also means I was able to kick it into high gear when I didn’t want to.  Overall, that puts my pace at about 12:21.  A 12:35 pace will get you a 5:30:00 marathon time.  While I am not setting my sights on 5:30 just yet, that 5:something is feeling a little more attainable.  It’s going to take a lot of weeks of kicking my own ass.  It’s going to be extremely difficult to accomplish without my running buddies beside me.

But maybe, just maybe… I can do it.


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